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Life & Times

(main site)

The main website for Life & Times




Life & Times on Myspace

A new venture started in 2007 which we hope to develop over time. Keep checking back just in case.



Life & Times on YouTube

Several of our songs with slideshows or videos



Life & Times on Facebook

Our Facebook presence. If you are on Facebook too, please press ‘Like’!



Time Of Your Life

Our E-Ceilidh/Barn Dance band site. A 5-piece band including caller, fiddle, melodeon, guitar, bass and drums.



Time of Your Life on Myspace

A new venture started in 2007 which we hope to develop over time. Keep checking back just in case.



Graeme’s Songs and Bedfordshire Song

Graeme’s site relating to his songs and music. A good deal more on Life & Times too with mp3 downloads.



Barry Goodman on Myspace


Barry’s Myspace site to promote his activities as a caller, MC, singer, musician etc. etc. etc.


Graeme Meek on


Graeme’s Myspace site.




Barry Goodman on Facebook

Barry’s Facebook page.




Graeme Meek on Facebook

Graeme’s Facebook page.




Barry’s Songs

A webpage devoted to Barry’s songs.



Canal Songs

This site lists several Life & Times canal songs with words and music.



The English Folk Dance And Song Society

England’s national guardian of traditional music, song and dance.



East Anglian Traditional Music Trust

The aim of the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust is to increase awareness of and access to the traditional folk music, song and dance of the eastern counties.



Manx Heritage

Dr Chloe Woolley of Manx Heritage was particularly helpful with our researches into Manx traditions for our school shows.



Net Rhythms

A site with information, reviews etc. CDs etc. See the review of WHERE THE WORKING BOATS WENT here




English Ceilidh, Folk Dance, Barn Dance, Cajun, French/Breton, Morris Dancing on the web.



Elements of English Country Dance

An explanation of country dance terminology.




Local music from out there!


The Living Tradition

A folk music magazine with a more traditional bias.



Musical Traditions

The web-based magazine for traditional music enthusiasts.




Local folk in Beds., Herts., Bucks., Cambs., and beyond.



Redbornstoke Morris

The finest men’s Morris Team in Mid-Bedfordshire



Bedfordshire Lace Ladies’ Morris

The finest women’s Morris Team in Mid-Bedfordshire



The Morris Organisations

The Morris Federation, The Morris Ring, The Open Morris.



Where The Working Boats Went


A slideshow of Life & Times performing at various events accompanied by the song Where the Working Boats Went.



Marston Vale

A slideshow about Marston Vale Community Forest accompanied by the song Marston Vale; featuring the choir of Marston Vale Middle School, Stewartby, Beds.; from the Marston Vale Project.



Wareham Court Leet

A slideshow of the outings of Wareham Court Leet which is accompanied by Graeme’s song of the same name.



All In The Wintertime

A low quality video we were given of the cut-down Mummers play in our Christmas show in 2009. Audience participation included.!



The Stonehaven Fireballs

A slideshow of the spectacular Hogmanay event at Stonehaven in Scotland accompanied by Graeme’s song. Photographs are coutesy of The Stonehaven Fireballs Association.



The Bedfordshire Clanger

A site dedicated to Five Feet Films’ short film: ‘The Bedfordshire Clanger’. The film features by the same name: my song, the tune by Taz Tarry and its accompanying dance by Redbornstoke Morris, the beer by Banks & Taylor of Shefford and the local delicacy which started it all. This site should be accessible from September 2007. See clips on YouTube here.



The Morris Movie

A film about Morris Dancing featuring Derek Jacobi!



Local News TV

This is a local internet television news site for Bedfordshire. A video on the site features Life & Times and Redbornstoke Morris at the 2007 Woodworks Festival.



Woodworks 2008

This is actually a slide show that shows Life & Times, The Brafront Guizers and Redbornstoke Morris at the 2008 Woodworks Festival at Marston Vale, Bedfordshire. When you get to the page, click on PLAY.



Greenacre Audio Visual Productions

On this site you will find a series of DVDs, some with clearly educational content: a DVD of old Dorset crafts and a DVD about T.E. Lawrence.



The Sand Museum

A virtual museum website set up after an oral history project Sands Of Time by The Greensand Trust. Two of the three songs we wrote especially for the project appear on the site. See also our Recordings page for details of the CD (Wixamtree WIXD104) and our Special Projects page for details of the music’s use in schools.




Steve Rowley (an old friend of ours) provides arts and music based days in schools. Please mention Life & Times’ website when you contact.



Steve Parish & Jo Ellis


Steve (‘The History Man’) & Jo are friends who are well known around schools and have their own site at Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, where they have reconstructed an Iron Age village. Please mention Life & Times’ website when you contact.



Elite Coaching & Leisure

A company providing sports coaching, fitness programmes, out of school clubs etc. Please mention Life & Times’ website when you contact.



The Guild of Straw Craftsmen

Straw plaiting is an old craft heavily associated with Bedfordshire, the plaited straw being the main constituent in the manufacture of straw hats, for which Luton is famous.



Music MK

Artists, venues and events in Bucks. and Beds.



The Folk Directory

A site listing various artists from around the folk scene. You’ll find Life & Times there.

Loads of web links related to Bedfordshire.




Even more Bedfordshire web links.




Mid Beds Arts Directory

Now on line at the Mid Beds local government website is their local Arts Directory. - combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory.

A collection of links to music related websites and newsgroups.




The online folk and world music magazine. Artist listings here.



Folk Artists

Jay Glicksman’s site with a very large list of performers.



British Library Sound Archive

See Life & Times’ entries in The British Library Sound Archive. Select Sound Archive then enter life and times and name in the search boxes. Charivari seems to be listed in a different way. Go to the search page again and type in charivari and select title. You will find it listed there (about No.11 or 12) and the details can be accessed from that page.



The Ironbridge Gorge Museums

The inspiration for Shropshire Iron.




The Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterway

A new waterway for the 21st century which is set to link Bedford’s River Great Ouse to The Grand Union Canal at Milton Keynes by c2030. It is known as The B&MK (which is the title of our song about it!) Find the words and sound file of our song on their site here.



Out and About with John Pilgrim

Links to other Bedfordshire sites and local interest. John Pilgrim runs the Out and About programme on BBC 3 Counties Radio.



British Schools Museum

A friend of Life & Times who hosted the premiere of our canal show Where The Working Boats Went in the only surviving Lancasterian classroom in the country March 2009. Well worth a visit to see how Victorian children were educated.



Wareham Court Leet

The site of Wareham Court Leet where you can hear Graeme’s song about their annual inspection of the local pubs. The song can be found on this page accompanying an embedded YouTube slideshow of the Court Leet over the years. Follow their More Archives: Documents link to find the sheet music for the song.